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Giannoulis Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Acidity max 0.5%. High quality product collected from the best variety of Koroneiki hand picked Cretan olives. It has an exceptional recognizable flavor, an elegant aroma and a clear green color, that differentiate it from other products of the same category. It will elevate your salads, as also your grilled meat and fish. Every dish is enriched and every person is impressed by "GIANNOULIS" natural qualities.

In cartons of 12 glass bottles x 1000ml
In cartons of 12 glass bottles x750ml
In cartons of 12 glass bottles x500ml

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Product specifications

Packing Net weight per unit(kg) Units per carton Gross weight per carton(kg) Cartons/ palette Euro palette Gross weight per euro palette Cartons/ palette uk palletes Gross weight per UK palette Barcodes EAN
Maraska glass bottle 500ml Dark green 0,458 12 10,3 95 1003 120 1256 520123801008
Maraska glass bottle 750ml Dark green 0,687 12 13,9 65 931 85 1201 520123800002
Maraska glass bottle 1000ml Dark green 0,916 12 18,4 44 834 60 1121 520123801019
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